09.08.2020 08:27 Age: 1 year

Decentralized Wastewater Management in Jordan

A Compendium for Designers, Authorities and Practitioners

This background report provides contextual as well as historical information that helps to understand the existing environment for wastewater management in Jordan. It also helps to position wastewater and treated wastewater use in the wider frame of adaption to climate change. Accordingly, the document is divided into two main parts. The first part starts presenting global climate change and shows its impacts on the water sector together with witnessed and foreseen impacts on relevant sectors including agriculture, health, and economy. Moreover, the concept of adaptation to climate change and increased resilience of agricultural and water systems is then presented with a particular interest in adaptation of water systems through the integrated water resources management (IWRM) approach. The latter introduces the evolving concepts of decentralization as well as integration, which were presented as the main guiding beliefs of IWRM. In doing so, the document highlights the main relevant issues that govern adaptation of water and wastewater systems as well as water and wastewater infrastructures to climate change. The second part starts to zoom in on wastewater management at regional scale and further at local Jordanian scale. A detailed discussion of how wastewater management was developed over the past decades in the kingdom and the governing regulatory frame is introduced. An overview is given on how the already developed policies, strategies and regulations related to wastewater management are implemented. The recently developed policies are presented including the decentralized wastewater management policy and the way forward is being suggested.

The full Compendium [PDF]