04.05.2017 16:28 Age: 2 yrs
By: Hesham Asalamat

7th International Jordanian Civil Engineering Conference, 09 -11 May 2017.

Symposium on “Enabling Environment for the Introduction of Decentralised Wastewater Management” on 7th of May, 2017,

Symposium. The Ministry of Water and Irrigation in cooperation with GIZ’s ACC project and Jordan Engineers Association are pleased to announce a symposium on enabling environment for the implementation of decentralized sanitation management systems. The symposium will take place on May 7th, 2017 at the Landmark hotel, Amman. It is planned as one of the activities associated with the 7th Civil Engineering Conference on reconstruction of damaged zones and will give the audience an introduction to the requested enabling environments for the implementation of decentralized wastewater management options. The symposium will host experts from Canada, Germany, Egypt and Jordan to discuss all main themes of the enabling environment. It will be divided into two main presentation sessions followed by a panel discussion where audience will have the chance to further discuss the topic and interact with the speakers.

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