Trainings & Courses

Capacity Development Program on Decentralized Wastewater Management (DWWM)- Germany


From September 25 to October 06, 2016 ten experts who are active in the Jordanian wastewater sector attend training sequences and field trips in the region of Brunswick and in Berlin to get familiar with German approaches in the field of (decentralized) wastewater management, the reuse of treated wastewater and related aspects of the adaptation to climate change. Three modules, each of them divided into different sessions, focus on:

Module 1: Decentralized Wastewater Management and Reuse.

The Module in a nutshell:

The training course is tailored to Jordanian governmental staff who are engaged in facilitating decision-making process in water sector at national level as well as staff from universities and non-governmental profession associations who have the potential to disseminate the knowledge required for scaling up the Decentralized Wastewater Management in the country.


 The training addresses the integrated wastewater management and potential reuse options with focus on agricultural uses in Jordan (i.e. irrigation, landscaping, and aquaculture). The training furthermore addresses the management of decentralized wastewater systems, i.e. O&M by presenting different business / operator models in addition to the cooperation between different stakeholders (incl. government authorities, private sector and the community).


Module 2: Financing of DWWM and Reuse Systems.

The training in a nutshell:

 It focuses on the economics and financial management of decentralized wastewater, including collection, treatment and reuse system. The training covers the topics of financing of related infrastructure, financial assessments, and economic considerations for DWWM in Jordan in comparison with CWWT systems. This course provides participants with the information to facilitate decision-making on DWWM and CWWM and provides the know-how to ensure the financial and operational sustainability of DWWM projects.


Module 3: DWWM as Measure for Climate Change Adaptation.

The training in a nutshell:

This training creates a common understanding of concept of climate change and the consequent impacts on the water sector of Jordan in addition to and the potential role of DWWM as adaptation/mitigation measure to climate change. The training highlights the competences, capacities, plans, actions and activities required at different levels in the Jordanian water sector to pave the way for scaling up DWWM for ACC.

Presentations and exercises given by technical experts are complemented by a learning companion


Capacity Development Program on Decentralized Wastewater Management- Jordan  

ACC project conducted a Capacity development Program, Amman – Jordan, during 17-26 July 2016. The training for this year is divided into 3 separate modules to meet different needs of the target groups, these modules are tailored to the Jordanian partner target group from different institutions and entities who are either engaged in facilitating (i) DWWM-related decision-making in water sector. These theoretical and practical modules include:


Module 1: Decentralized Wastewater Management (DWWM)


The training provides a general introduction to DWWM and its relevant implications on natural resources, health, living standards and environment in Jordan. It highlights the basic concepts and options of DWWM in terms of technology & design, scale & capacity, collection and reuse. Additionally, the training provides basic concepts of climate change and the cross-cutting relation between DWWM and climate change.


Module 2: Tendering of DWWM Infrastructure


This training focuses on different tendering processes pertaining specifically to implementation of DWWM. It presents the legal and operational background of procurement and all tendering processes for wastewater collection, treatment and reuse infrastructure. The training also provides guidance in different tendering procedures with focus on the Jordanian local regulation, in addition to a landscape of stakeholders involved in procurement process and their respective task and responsibility.


Module 3: The Legal Framework & Enabling Environment for DWWM


The training provides a comprehensive overview on the legal framework related to wastewater management in Jordan. It draws the attention to any required amendments to existing standards in favor of DWWM. The training also addresses the concept of “enabling environment” in general and how to proceed for sake of DWWM. It highlights importance of the collaboration between all stakeholders and the necessity of local communities’ engagement.