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The ACC-project strongly aims to create a national pool of expertise in different domains related to decentralized wastewater management (DWWM) so that Jordan becomes confident in implementing and scaling up the decentralized sanitation approach in a sustainable manner.

As a first step, all participants of the capacity development measures (this refers to members of the e-Learning community as well as for participants of Face-to-Face courses and Study Visits) are invited to contribute to the pinboard below.

Please notice that only members of the expert pool are allowed to write a new contribution to the pinboard – all members of the e-Learning courses can use their password for the course, all other training participants receive an own access to the section «Pool of Experts». Please note also, that a copy of any new entry you make will be sent by e-mail to all other registered members.

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Dirk Hangstein   |   02.03.2018 - 14:25:40  |   inbox@margraf-publishers.com
Welcome to the Pool of Experts
Welcome to the network of experts. This Pinboard is only a first step to communicate new developments and offers to the registered members of the capacity development measures offered by the ACC-project.
Best regards
Dirk Hangstein (on behalf of the ACC Project, Amman)