GoToWebinar – Interactive Webinars

There will be up to four interactive webinars per course (one in each course week), each of them maximal 90 min long. You will receive an invitation by e-mail for each meeting.

Obviously, the meeting has to be started by an administrator before participants can join the meeting-room. In the e-mail, we use Greenwich Mean Time GMT (Universal time) to indicate the time at which a meeting starts – so please care for a possible time difference between your place and GMT. It is not possible to join a meeting before or after the indicated time.

For those who cannot join a particular meeting (for what reason ever), the meetings are recorded as video-films. These films are available from the course room. For technical reasons, you have to login to watch these recordings.

However, to complete a course successfully, you need to actively participance to at least 2 webinars!

We use «GoToWebinar» for these webinars – this means that (on a PC) there will be an automatic download of a plugin to your browser before the first meeting. Contact us for a pilot meeting if you are insecure whether the webinars work properly in your environment. As the GoToWebinar license fees are already paid for the courses, the webinars are free for you!

For mobile devices, please use the links to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the App.

The basic equipment for your PC is listed on the page «Technical & Organisational Requirements».

How To Use GoToWebinar as a Participant

If you want to learn the very basics of how a webinar works watch this short video so you know what to expect and how to use the webinar controls.

GoToWebinar – Quick Start for Attendees