Technical & Organisational Pre-Conditions

To guarantee a successful participation at the e-Learning courses, some technical and organizational prerequisites have to be fulfilled – in fact, the obstacles are not very high.

However, you should keep in mind that you should reserve a certain amount of time for the training and provide a stable internet connection to take part at the course and the live-events (the webinars). In case of any troubles, feel free to contact us at course(at), we will be happy to support you.

Following are some technical and organizational issues. You should care in advance to provide a good learning environment by fulfilling the conditions. Again, in case of questions or comments, please contact us. (Click on the ± symbol to learn more on the technical and on the organisatorial pre-requisites)

± Technical Pre-Conditions

Internet Access:

  • ISDN-speed to access the website and the course content (this is the minimum pre-requisite)
  • Simple DSL to follow the live webinars and the videos
  • (optional): Broadband connection to interact during the discussion at the live webinars


  • e-mail Account
    For application and for identification, you need a functional own (!) e-mail address. This e-mail account has to be monitored regularly! In case you have more than one address, please provide us only one (preferably the one that you use for registering with Facebook)
  • Mobile number (SMS) 
    Please provide a mobile number with your application. We will contact you via SMS and/or WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp 
    If you are not registered with WhatsApp, please do so BEFORE the course. We will establish a group in WhatsApp to guarantee that we can reach all participants of the course. (WhatsApp is a free service, Apps are available for all Smartphones or Tablets. Should you have trouble to establish an account, please inform us in advance.)
  • Facebook
    If you are not registered with Facebook, please do so BEFORE the course. We will establish a closed (private) group for the participants. Beside the communication, Facebook allows to up-and download ECXEL sheets, PDFs and Word files making it easy to get into touch with each other. 
Please use  your real name (NOT a nickname) and a real photo of yourself (we should be able to identify you). If you are in doubt whether your data are secure, you can delete your Facebook account after the course.


  • Computer/Laptop  and/OR
  • mobile Devices: Tablet/Smartphone


  • Operation system
    on PCs: Windows 7 or higher
    on Apple: MacOS 10.x
    on mobile devices: iOS 7 or higher or almost every Android version and on Windows phones
  • Browser 
    New versions (updated versions) of
    Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari (browsers are available for PC and Mac)
  • PC/Macintosh Plugin
    When you first use GoToWebinar (which we use to host the webinars), a plugin will automatically download and install to your browser.
  • Mobile Devics
    Download and install an app on your mobile device. This software is free.
    The links to Apples App Store (for iPhones) to Google Store (Android devices) or the Windows store:

± Organisational Pre-Conditions

Permission by employer or superior:

Please note that GIZ (ACC-project) requires the formal information of your superior (if you are employed in an institution or a company) about the fact that you take part at an e-Learning course beside your work. You have to confirm this information in the application to an e-Learning course.

Allowed to use technical devices at the working place:

Sometimes, participants to e-Learning courses do not have private devices (PC and/or smartphone) at home. In this case, the devices at your workplace have to used for the course. The availability of these devices should be clarified before the course. With your application, you confirm that you can access the e-Learning course and the ACC-website and that you are allowed to take part in the webinars (max. 4 webinars per e-Learning course).

Time frame to complete e-Learning courses: 

The e-Learning courses can be absolved beside your work – this means that you need 1,0-1,5 hours per day to read the content and the resources, watch the videos and to take part at the exchange between the other participants and the experts.

You should be well aware of the fact that the time mentioned above is needed to complete the content and the course successfully. Moreover, the setting of the course requires that you join at least every second day. It is not enough to open the course on a weekend only. Every course is only 4 weeks long – therefore, the deadlines for the final tests and the assignments are fixed. It is not possible to extend these deadlines. With your application you accept the course periods and the dates for testing.

± Additional Audio/Visual Resources

For an active participance at the interactive live webinars, additional resources may be needed:


You must connect at least a speaker or a headphone to your PC. (Modern laptops or smartphones normally are equipped with a speaker as standard)


We can only hear you if you connect a microphone to your PC (Modern laptops or smartphones normally are equipped with a microphone as standard. However, you have to activate the mike on your computer)


This is the best choice if you use a PC. It avoids feedbacks or echo-effects which can become a problem. A headset is quite cheap when you have to buy it.


The control-panel in GoToWebinar offers the option to enable a camera – provided it is attached to your PC. (Modern smartphones are equipped with a camera by default).
But there is no reason to bother If you do not have a camera (or you cannot connect it to your PC). It is much more important that you can follow the presentation of the expert on your screen and that you can hear her/him via Audio (and that we can hear you!). It is not so important if we cannot see you (and, by the way, a camera requires lots of internet-bandwidth).