Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists some questions which have been asked frequently during the courses. By clicking on a ± question, the answer appears. Is your question not solved here? No problem, please contact us by e-mail or via the the contact form – we'll be happy to support you. Should your question be of interest also for others, it will appear together with an answer – here on this page...

± HOW TO apply for a certain course?

Normally one month before a course actually starts, the application form is online. Click for the link to the application (just right from this sentence). The link to the application also comes with the course announcement.

Beside others, we ask for these details in the application form: 

  • e-mail address – a personal address is required. All important course data (username, passwords, certificates…) are sent with email. Be sure to apply to your account at least every second day.
  • Mobile Phone Number – beside e-mail, we also approach you with important messages  via SMS and WhatApp.
  • Motivation – You are required to tell us in brief what the reason for joining a course are and what you expect for your professional career after having completed the course. This helps us a bit to understand needs and requirements better and thus to improve the course.

± HOW TO enter username & password correctly?

You receive your login-data with the first e-mail you receive. It consists of a username and an initial password.

The username and your password are case-sensitive, so it DOES matter whether you use upper or lower case characters. Should anything prevent you from login: This is the main reason for it (the other reason is that you mis-typed your username or login – so please try again before calling for help).

If for any reason you lost your password or username: Contact us (and PLEASE  tell us your full name in the email); we’ll be happy to help you.

± WHAT TO DO should I observe technical obstacles?

Is your internet connection working? Go to a page like for example to check. Sometimes, the local network fails or is temporarily overloaded. This is not a problem, just try again later. Only in case this problem consists longer, get in contact to your local provider or with us.

If a certain function inside the course does not work properly, please try to use another browser. Almost all problems are resulting from the fact that «Internet Explorer» is used.

Should you be forced to use this software, please update it at least to the latest version. A much better choice is to use «Google Chrome», «Firefox» or «Safari»  instead as browser software to go to the internet. All browsers are available free.

± WHAT TO DO when I am awfully behind the schedule of an e-Learning course?

In a distance learning, it is quite normal to be not in schedule at any time. Remember, the trainings are performed beside your daily work – and the workload maybe higher from time to time…

Sometimes, you might also be not able to go to the internet because you are on a mission or field trip.In any cace, it very important to inform your trainer about this in advance. Use the form «Contact your Tutor» (you have to be logged in to a course to use this form) for this. It is enough to do this in very brief. It is very difficult for trainers to deal with silent participants…

If you are really behind the schedule (for what reason ever), get into direct contact with your trainer. In almost every case, we can find a solution how to proceed!

± HOW TO locate additional resources and off-line readings of the trainings?

The last page of each lesson is the «Further resources» page, Here you can find everything that we consider as important to really understand the content of the lesson.

The off-line PDFs of the course content are available on request.

Should you need further information on a special topic, don’t hesitate to ask the trainer for this!

± HOW TO test my devices whether they function correctly in the course/webinars?

± HOW TO navigate in an e-Learning course?

  1. Login to the course with the credentials you received
  2. Proceed to «Classroom» (Main menu)
  3. Select a module (e.g. II. WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT)
  4. Select a Lesson (e.g. L7. Effective Sanitation Delivery) either from the main overview on the page or form the menu left
  5. Inside the lesson, navigate forward and backward either with the symbols |‹‹ ‹ › ››| or the «Content» on the right.
  6. Don’t forget to click the «lesson finished» button on the last page of each lesson (Further Resources). This gives an overview in «Learning Progress» which lessons are completed and which ones you still have to work on.

± HOW TO change my password and update my personal profile

With the first e-mail, you receive an initial password (normally < start > or < pass > ). Please login to the course-room, proceed to «People –> Edit your Personal Data» and update your personal profile, change your password and upload a photo.

Please notice that there are three «Save» buttons: for each of the three sections one button! 
Changing your password and updating your profile is a mandatory step.