Blended Learnings & Trainings for the Water Sector in Jordan

BORDA – on behalf of the ACC-project of GIZ – is responsible for the presence learning courses and the study visit.

Together with Margraf Publishers, BORDA also contributes to the content of the e-Learning courses. In special, BORDA adds the lessons and the content highlighting the aspects how de-centralized wastewater management is realised practically in the Jordan.

BORDA e.V. (BORDA Overseas Research & Development Association) is a German nongovernmental organisation, headquartered in Bremen with a regional office – amongst others – in Amman.

Safely Managed Sanitation for All - The BORDA Approach

Sustainable development, liveable communities, healthy environments: to make these a reality around the world, it is essential to ensure access to clean water and adequate sanitation, safely managed for all. Here we present an inside look at how BORDA is innovating sanitation, and some of the people who are making it happen. (Production: Alasdair Jardine, Music: Sabor-Music, Volker Klein)